Compound NC Machining

In Dainichi’s history, we have produced complex design products by achieving various kinds of processing technology that used to be seemingly-impossible. Such achievements have created totally new machines or contributed to medical advancements in completely unexpected areas. Totally new manufacturing to meet diversified needs by microfabrication technology is our job. Our hope is that you will take advantage of our composite fabrication technology in various fields to create an innovative and improved future society.
*Please refer to various product models 1 – 10, 11 – 16 , 19 – 22, 25, 26, 29, 30 and 31 – 34.

It is now possible for us to perform machining processes starting from a billet to a completed part on single machine, which previously required processing on multiple machines to complete. Opposite side machining can be performed concurrently, and the highest accuracy will be obtained.
(We are accustomed to fabrication of long, small diameter shafts.)

Distinctive Features
1.Shorter lead time
2.Processing capability from small quantity samples to large quantity production
3.Ideal for precision products


Polygonal Hole Fabrication Technology

Square or Polygonal Holes can be machined on a Lathe.
Drilling of square or polygonal holes was considered to be a difficult operation to perform, but has become simple even with typical lathe turning, milling or drilling machines.


Distinctive Features

1.Hexagonal holes for torque wrenches on bolt heads, spline holes and deep holes can be easily drilled without use of a broaching machine or electric discharge machine.
2.This is generally adequate for low production of multiple models, and substantial cost reductions can be anticipated.


Capacity of Polygonal Hole Fabrication

Depending on shape, quantity and tolerance specifications, we can prepare polygonal hole fabrication with low-cost compared to using wire electric discharge machines



加工基準深さ:Basic length

下穴深さ:tap drill hole length